This live CD is incredible. Hit after hit. Not much else to really say, short review huh? It's brilliant. For those of us who could not make these type of performances, it's awesome to hear Keith rock out live.

The return of the Ultramagnetic MC's! 14 years after their last official studio album. This was a moment. They crew are back...well Tim Dog and TR Love appear on the cover...but are ominously absent. So it's down to DJ Moe Love, Ced Gee, and Kool Keith who also appears under his producer moniker Underwear Pissy, to fly the flag again....

On this project we get a rare opportunity, to go back and have a closer look, at the sessions of one of Keith's best LP's of all time "Sex Style". The following is an album released in 2007, comprised of cuts that didn't make the (excellent) Sex Style album Keith dropped back in 1997.