Ultramagnetic MC's - The Best Kept Secret


The return of the Ultramagnetic MC's! 14 years after their last official studio album. This was a moment. They crew are back...well Tim Dog and TR Love appear on the cover...but are ominously absent. So it's down to DJ Moe Love, Ced Gee, and Kool Keith who also appears under his producer moniker Underwear Pissy, to fly the flag again.

"Late Night Rumble" I expected to hear better production on an official Ultramagnetic MC's return than the tired effort Keith (aka Underwear Pissy) put in on this track. For a return of such a legendary group, this beat isn't the one chief. Should have stayed on the cutting room floor.

"Mechanism Nice" is indeed that, a nice beat from Ced-Gee. A cool fresh sounding bounce, no stress. Nice and easy. But where's the quality control, putting songs like "Ain't It Good 2 U" on here? One of Keith's unreleased songs projects - fine. Not the official Ultramagnetic MC's return.

As a fan I was let down..something just went wrong with this release. Keith and Kutmasta should have got together here. I'm aware I reference Kurt a lot, but it's simple why, he's dope. Something was needed here. Some of these tracks just shouldn't have made the project. I'm sorry.

Unfortunately it's possible to tell which tracks are produced by "Underwear Pissy" (Kool Keith) before even reading the tracklisting notes. Like "Pop Bottles" which almost sounds purposely generic. "Porno Star (Pt 2)" by Ced-Gee has a nice sound. But when the production has been hit and miss, mostly miss, any slightly better efforts stand out more.

"Underwear Pissy" is a better effort from Keith. His rhymes totally off the wall insane. The beat has more focus to it. A rustling cymbal and claps, it works. "I'm wipin my a*s with rap right now, cause it's crap right now / I sh*t in your Bentley / hurry up you gotta pack right now / Make your bitch lick the a*shole of a cow (mooooo)

"Silk Master" has potential, the beat has something about it. Almost an unhinged "Spankmaster" type vibe. Keith's (2001) album we rated 4 stars here. "Vibrato" the last song is acceptable, nice little sample. There's no other songs of note I didn't mention.

This was disappointing when released back in 2007, still the same now. It would have made a much better E.P. with three or four of the songs I listed above on a single project.

More quality control needed if and when the crew reunite again.

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