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On this project we get a rare opportunity, to go back and have a closer look, at the sessions of one of Keith's best LP's of all time "Sex Style". The following is an album released in 2007, comprised of cuts that didn't make the (excellent) Sex Style album Keith dropped back in 1997.

"Prepare" opens with Kutmasta doing his thing with a high paced affair. Keith of course, being Keith. In Sex Style mode. "Rubba Love" with its unintentionally eerie auto tuned hook just further solidifies the mysterious lore surrounding Sex Style era Keith.

"Droppin Seeds" the production shines, with heavy moody drums and haunting sounds. Keith doing what he does best. "You see me nude in fact I'm takin' Theragram / Eatin' my pet cat and old Virginia ham / Yo lady, I'm ready for beans and rice / Yo thank you mam / Yo Sam yo check them panties, yo black smell 'em / If they funky what you want me to tell 'em? / I seen her walking down town in my complexion / Cute thing, pitty pattin' my erection"

"Time For Business" and Keith's giving up dark street tales and stories over a bass loop and horn. The mid point of this project does remind the listener that these are essentially rejected songs from the Sex Style album, good songs, not all necessarily great. As per usual at KoolKeith.Net we don't mention the ones that aren't really toward the better side of the album. No point.

However bangers like "You Get Yours" and "Spread Em Wide" really could have fitted right into the original Sex Style project with ease. (no pun intended)

Without the heavy weight of the "Sex Style" album attached to this project, the inevitable comparisons would have probably never surfaced. As it stands, a few of the tracks on here, just fall short of the extremely high standards the Sex Style project would demand. Outside of that, as a Kool Keith rap album, You can't go wrong.

I'm a huge fan of Keith's Sex Style era flow, the way he clings tight to the beat and sits with the rhythm. That flow is still here on these unused tracks, for that alone, this album will always be spinning for me. You're giving me a full set of Funky Redneck beats too? No brainer.

This project is a gift, a joy for Kool Keith fans. Now all we need next, are the Black/Elvis and Dr Drooom archives to round the whole set off.

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