Kool Keith - Ultra-Octo-Doom


This live CD is incredible. Hit after hit. Not much else to really say, short review huh? It's brilliant. For those of us who could not make these type of performances, it's awesome to hear Keith rock out live.

"Ease Back" "Ego Trippin" "Two Brothers with Checks" literally three of my favourite Ultramagnetic songs back to back, banger after banger. The bass sounding particularly meaty and thick off the life recordings.

"Blue Flowers" (Kutmasta Kurt Remix) is a lot of fun. Kurt just giving that earthy organic bounce. Thick bassline and drums. Hearing Keith rap "Girl Let Me Touch You There" live and inviting any girls on the stage is an experience listening. What was happening live you could only imagine. Again though, another brilliant live performance.

So glad "Black Elvis" is on here as well as some of the lesser "Spankmaster" tracks. But a live drop of "Sex Style"? Brilliant! Another one of my favourite Keith songs ever. I would have loved even more to hear Keith dropping live, without the original lyrics played in the background. As they are to I think, all of these songs. But none the less, this is a dope slice of Kool Keith live.

Tracks like Matthew's "I Don't Believe You" I can do without but Keith free styling over "No Chorus" instrumental I will take every-time. If you can find this one, I highly recommend checking it out ASAP. Worth your time and then some!

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