All about the Kool Keith Compendium!

Why "The Kool Keith Compendium"

I am one of the biggest Kool Keith fans. I know, I've been here almost from the start. When I wanted to do appropriate research online to confirm I had every Keith release in my collection, I realised even Wikipedia doesn't have even close to the full list of Keith releases let alone complete write ups and reviews on every release.

It seemed almost incomprehensible and disrespectful almost that this hasn't been done! By at least someone? So in the process of fleshing out my complete Kool Keith collection, I decided to catalogue and write up small titbits of information for each release. This was just for myself, to keep in a personal nerdy file.

I decided, to share my personal catalogue of Keith's work, and this ultimately became what you see before you! The Kool Keith Compendium!

Break down your Five Mics ratings!

Unlike other Hip-Hop review websites anything that is three or above is essential listening when it comes to scores here. Also, these scores rating are unique to Kool Keith, as he is of course, in a class of his own

5 Mics = Classic

4.5 Mics = Almost a classic / Phenomenal album

4 Mics = A great album that you need to listen to immediately

3.5 Mics = A good piece of work from Kool Keith you will enjoy

3 Mics = Not the most inspired of performances from Keith, or the beats lack but Keith is on point. Or an equal blend of both

2.5 Mics = Either the production is off, or Keith is a little lazy on this one rhyme wise. Both of which can still make for good music.

2 Mics = Only for patient and tolerant Keith fans, the lesser of his projects, quality wise

1.5 Mics = A poor Kool Keith Album/Project

1 Mic = Listen for curiosity only, you probably won't enjoy the music

Why only his music? why no articles on his life, rumours and beef

Kool Keith is arguably the greatest rapper of all time. He is a musician; a visionary and to focus on anything outside of his music seems a little cheap. Keith's Music has many styles textures and layers of unusual beauty, the rumours and stories, unless we see or hear them directly come from his own mouth, we ignore at this website. We are just about his music

Is the writing here all original? Or taken from articles etc?

I re listened to every Keith record in existence, wrote a review and detailed analysis on each release. I want a simple place for new Keith fans to discover his music, and a place for old Keith fans like myself to make sure they have actually listened to everything! All 50 something releases!

The writing is original and all my own. If any of my words are seen elsewhere, they have been stolen! Please inform me at @wingysvinylvlogs@gmail.com! or My Twitter

Who are you, and why should we respect your opinion?

I am a Hip-Hop fan born in 79. My first Kool Keith album was his Dr Octagon release in 1996. It was actually from Sex Style I became a super fan and went back and purchased all the Ultramagnetic stuff back in 96. (I was barely 9 years old when Critical Beatdown dropped lol)

I have been listening to rap solely since I was 14 years old. I also have a Hip-Hop channel. You shouldn't respect my opinion because I say so though! Hopefully my writing and passion for Keith's music shines through and your respect for me is earned through my work!

© 2020 Daniel Ranger-Holt - All rights reserved 

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Thank you SO much!

In the grand tradition of Hip-Hop's unwritten laws, please don't steal my writing, aka bite my sh*t. If you would like to use any portion of my reviews please contact me via the above channels or at my personal email :) wingysvinylvlogs@gmail.com - Thank you