White Label Mix Series, Vol. 1


There's not much info on Singer and rapper Nancy De La Rosa previous to this, regardless she linked up with Kool Keith in 2004 and the result was The White Label Mix Series Volume 1

"Sugar" is the first track that will probably grab your attention due to the beat by Phantom Man. A Piano plays with some decent drums. While this track is basically a Nancy solo track, Keith is on the hook in a minimal manner. When Nancy does rap, her style of staccato delivery, endless words regardless of the pace of the beat is very reminiscent of Kool Keith.

"Apple's" elicited open laughter from myself the first time I listened to it, whether intended or not. That's a reaction, reaction is good. Keith for all intents and purposes, comparing various females to fruit selected at the store. "I dibble and dabble, dibble and dabble, dibble and dabble, dibble and dabble / (Dibble and dabble) Check out the apples whoahhohh" class!

Nancy's verse on the above, again, coming off as almost a live poetry read as opposed to hitting the beat. It's an interesting style which is often effective. Almost as if she's having a direct conversation with you. "Don't Worry" had the makings of a possible hit, but the sparse beat and drums just never truly lift off.

"27 Teams" Keith raps. "G string N*ggas, cover ya ass" Enough said. Keith is in battle mode. "Superficial" is probably my favourite track on here. Keith and Nancy both have their best showings vocally. Nancy's verse in particular shines "I don't deal my soul for any kind of dopeYou should have a little bit of faith / Like my mustard seed that grew into a big tree /I fed all my people and paid all my bills, I don't lose focus / I don't affiliate with, any kind of hocus pocus, or any abracadabra cats / I'm a highly gifted female, kickin verbal scriptures in your ear /You superficial people, when you gon' wake up?"

It's an interesting project, which leaves you curious for what else could have been cooked up from these two. Sadly as per Kutmasta Kurt's official Facebook page, Nancy passed away 2018.

An interesting and curious slice of Kool Keith's discography. A tease for what at one point, could have come from these two in the future. The pairing had a lot of potential, sadly now we will never know.

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