Ultramagnetic MC'S - Mo Love's Basement Tapes


On this collection of unreleased Ultramagnetic music, at least some of the songs seems to be from the recording sessions of Funk Your Head up. Of course by now, the group had for all intents and purposes broke up. Yet there was still more to be released it would seem. Despite Keith imploring people not to actually buy these tapes, on his Sex Style album.

"People Can Talk" is a hard opener for this collection of rare tracks. Thick drums, heavy scratching, manic horns and Keith's verse is on point, setting a high standard for what's to come. "Wack MC's" has a grizzly stomp about it that would easily sit comfortably in a final full release if the final mix was a little more refined.

"Freestyle" while obviously just that, is a lot of laughs and makes a nice skit to round off the final tracks on this collection. The extremely dusty final track "D to the N" , a clear open mic session I actually kind of enjoyed. About as bare bones production wise as a track can get but it was a fun listen.

I will be honest. KoolKeith.Net is here to point Kool Keith fans in the direction of albums, or music they may have missed of his. Listen, this collection lacks the charm of "New York what is funky?" It's not the first stop for those looking for rare unheard Ultramagnetic stuff, but it's an inoffensive listen throughout for the most part.

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