Ultra - Big Time


This "Ultramagnetic Lite" collaboration between Tim Dog and Kool Keith, was actually one of Keith's best projects. The type of project that those who pour praise over Keith in pop and rock music magazines, would never have even bothered to dig further to find. There are Kool Keith gems outside of Black Elvis and Dr Octagon. Big Time is one of them!

First beat "Super Luv" gets an enormous thumbs up from me. No surprises it's Kutmasta Kurt on the boards. The beat absolutely bangs, the gloomy murk of the sample used and drum hits perfectly. Keith is on fine form from the first few bars. "Iranian arab with Muslim veils on my face / Skeleton bones, I stash bazookas in the chicken place / My helmet's from Haiti, infrared's at my house / Uptown Bronx with cheese traps for you fu*ing mouse / Federal tax bullsht, I light your real estate / Royalties stopped, you're a*shole's tied to a milk crate" LOL

The theme continues, rolling right into the next track "NYC Street corner battle" Keith lyrically is firing on this album already. "Get Off The Dick" carries on the theme of absolutely wicked production with a dank, dope beat for both guys to work with. Kutmasta Kurt seemed to give the guys some of his best work for this project, the production is A class.

The full original version of "Represent What" is a sweet addition to the album, especially as the rhymes on this version are even more unusual and bizarre then the original from Sex Style. "Fat Lady" debuts a new alias from Keith "Reverend Tom" this track is the highlight of the album. It almost sounds like it was taken straight from a Dr Dooom session. The awesome bouncing beat produced by Keith and vulgar insane rhyming directed toward the larger female is classic Keith at his best "she said I think you're stupid, I said you're big and fat / Ima have to diss you, and step up in that rectum crack" lmao.

This is one of the least talked about but one of the most cohesive and best produced Kool Keith projects there is. Tim Dog is cool on it of course, but if your focus is Keith? You're going to certainly get what you're asking for with this gem in the collection! If you missed this one along the way, go and find it, now!

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