Ultramagnetic MC's - Smack My Bitch Up


Unreleased Ultramagnetic MC's songs, as well as some remixes again emerge on the "Smack My Bitch Up" album. Sadly the most uninspired project of unreleased material so far. Which probably doesn't say much. However Ultramagnetic MC's set a high bar as performers - and with so may projects to sift through, one can be a little more choosy.

"NBA All-stars 1989" has verses traded between the crew about basketball players. It's as odd as it sounds. It's an interesting flashback to those actually aware of the players of that age, who may catch some of the references. "I Like Your Style Remix 1990" with its unusual off key crooning and somewhat "normal" love song lyrics from Keith, is actually weird in itself for that very reason. The song does have an unexplainable charm though, the drums also smash hard on this one.

"Nervous (1991)" is a decent track, simple but effective with its repeating sample and drums. It has a relentless energy about it I enjoyed. Keith is flowing on this one "40lbs of bass that rolls and crush you / The styles will rush you / Look at your little amp, the speakers I bust through / Time and time again, rhyme for rhyme again / You can't think fool so make up your mind again / watch me show boat your rhyme is slow poke, you're goin on tour? Your wack record has no hope"

"Talkin Out Yo Ass Remix (1990)" is a nice crackly record from the Hip-Hop archives. It does have a certain charm to it, as do so many of the songs on this album. There's just little to really, honestly excite here overall though, across all the songs.

Wish so many Ultramagnetic projects, you can leave this one till the end of your Kool Keith searches. The music is fine, just alongside many of the other unreleased collections, this one is even more pronounced for its mediocrity. By this point, the best of the unreleased material from the group was running dry, you can hear it.

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