Ultramagnetic MC's - The B Sides Companion


Feel like some remixes of the legendary Critical Beatdown album? As well as some new tracks and performances thrown in? 1997's B sides companion has got you.

Opening any project with a remix of one of my favourite songs ever "Ego Tripping 2000" is a very good start, even if the remix slaps upon the track essentially just an out of key bassline, kind of tainting an absolutely classic sound It's still Ego Tripping, which is a dope as hell classic.

"A Chorus Line 2000" is a real moody joint. The dark tones switch up unexpectedly when Keith hops on "I'll compare and dare with a stare / You can say where? I'm over here / Metaphor physical, rhymes are artistical lyrical miracles / Difficult, to some terrifical Hypothetically, alphabetically /Energetically, theoretically"

The "Live At Tramps" freestyle by Keith is tremendous, a continual theme through the Ultramagnetic projects. Keith burgeoning into a solo star. This freestyle was raw and live, showcases his still untapped potential even further. "Mentally Mad" has the well used guitar riff I can never place - soft drums blend within the mix, making this another standout on the collection.

"Kool Keith Model Android #406" Keith completely blacks out on, with a continual stream of rhyming, the funk assisting his vocals. This project doesn't feature as many stand out Keith moments us Keith freaks crave but again, there's enough here to entertain.

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