Ultramagnetic MC's - New York What Is Funky?


More unreleased recordings from The Ultramagnetic MC's. While obviously not as cohesive as the complete albums, these unearthed projects often have interesting little gems within. Especially listening from the perspective of a Keith fan.

They can be hit and miss though some of these collections, this one didn't really grab my ear when I got hold of it years back, still the same now, however the ageing of these tapes has graced them with a little more charm.

"I'm Fuckin Flipping" is the first track to pull my attention, and it happens to be a Kool Keith solo. Horns blare and drums kick as Keith goes on a record label murdering spree. That mischievous bent in his voice present, you know what you're in for after the first few bars!

"No rapper out there, and groups can't compare / I take your baldhead girlfriends and give em all some hair" Keith raps on the slow smooth horns of "Chuck Chillout" absolutely love this track. Lots of room on the spacious beat for Keith to really flip out almost on some Black Elvis flow type shit

"Catchin Bodies" has an early authentic sound to it, given further seasoning via the clear cassette tape recording this was captured on. Some have expressed annoyance at the fact these were essentially cash ins. To me, as a Kool Keith super fan, they are little slices of Hip-Hop history. All pages to add to the endless lore of Kool Keith.

The occasional cracks and pops assumed present on the original cassettes aside this project is another enjoyable trek through Ultramagnetic's past. Not their best project by any means, particularly beat wise, but still an interesting listen - worth a peep even for Keith's verse on Chuck Chillout alone!

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