Ultramagnetic MC's - The Basement Tapes 1984-1990


The Basement tapes feature some of the oldest, cassette deteriorated ass recordings from The Ultramagnetic MC's. And as such, depending on your level of Hip-Hop nerdy-ness, you will either revel in this dusty historical snap shot of the times, or find these tracks are simply a little too raw!

"Get A Job" has Keith rapping about exactly that, however it's directed toward some unknown person in his life at the time, or maybe pure creation? Either way it's a fun listen. The production is bare bones as dry drums hit, with very little else to accompany them. However Keith controls the rhythm with ease which helps bolster the track.

"Crush Kill Destroy" one of the highlights of this project is infused with even more charm due to skips and imperfections present on the original recording. "We're Ultra (Part III)" is a boatload of fun, maybe my fave song on here. The same simple backdrop of production thought, prevalent throughout this record, but the boys are having fun on the track, whenever and wherever this one was recorded.

Regrettable tracks about domestic violence are an extremely awkward listen, unfortunate for lack of a better term. Even if they were at this stage, kids having a laugh recording. It's just a bad listen at this point, not good bad, bad bad.

However The Basement Tapes are an interesting trip back through time for Keith and Ultramegnetic fans. Also "Smoking Dust" the final track, may just be the first reference to "Doctor Oct" in Keith's career...

As will be repeated many times though this website, if you know what you are letting yourself in for. I.E. Really raw, unpolished and close to, mates having a laugh in the studio at times, you may actually enjoy some of what's on offer here

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