Ultramagnetic MC's - The Four Horsemen


Third album for the grew, and by now, from the first track "We Are The Horsemen" we hear Keith's space style mode begin to further refine itself. From the repeating hook, high pitched add libs. The more Cosmic Keith is forming, following on the blue print he initially laid out on "Critical Beatdown" album. Here we go...

"Take off those panties I turn boys to men" he spits on "Checking My Son" and so, Keith further carves his own lane in rap a little deeper, as each Ultramagnetic album is made. "Raise It Up" lives up it's moniker. The high energy pace and drums, with squealing horns sound like an emergency call of some kind. "Galaxy rays!!! Powerful!!" "See The Man On The Street" we see the origins of what could be an early Dr Dooom being formulated, as Keith drops serial killer raps over a jazz tinged production set.

Keith overall has an energy injection on this album. His vocals sharper and delivery more deliberate. There's an air surrounding Keith on this album, he genuinely shines. "Critical Beatdown" the groups debut is an overall more cohesive project, but "The Four Horsemen" (considering you are a Keith fan) I feel Keith truly shines on. Making this and easy four and a half star album. A Great!

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