Ultramagnetic MC's - Funk Your Head Up


Second album for the group, and from the first track a more sombre tone is presented, than the first albums lively almost carefree vibe. Things seem a little more mean.

This overall feel may not have sat well with fans at the time, but me? I loved it... "Plucking Cards" the crashing classic well worn drum pattern, funky guitars and horn stabs are a heavy almost menacing backdrop for Keith's swipes toward other rappers. His flow sliding between the beats like butter.

The ominous funk of "Poppa Large" see's Keith step back a little from the first albums slightly more trend setting influences. Standard playa talk - but the flow is so silky and easy. Another Keith solo track etched in rap history.

The production is consistent and striking landing big blows throughout the course of the LP. We also see Keith distance himself from his brothers lyrically even further. Even when addressing some of the more typical fare for the times, Keith still shines.

A good solid listen, go Funk your head up!

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