So let me say off the rip Dr Dooom "First Come First Served" is in my top five favourite albums (Not Keith albums, but Hip-Hop albums in general) of all time. It's my favourite Kool Keith record. So when this was released in 2008, I never went into the listen, with unrealistic expectations, or even thoughts of a comparison. Because I figured it would be extremely difficult to top that project, so just let this one breathe.

"Simon" Keith is on fire. Targeting Simon Cowell from The X Factor show, then flying off in all types of directions. The infamous Kutmasta drums kick hard. The horror movie flick freaky harps, and Keith's amped delivery, starts things off in fine fashion.

"R.I.P. Dr Octagon" is a pent up attack on not only his alter ego, but those who attempted to bring that very same alter ego back "The Return Of Dr Octagon" album etc. Kurt's smashing drums and Keith's off centre barbs towards those mentioned, are a trip to listen to. I mean, Keith ultimately brought back Octagon ten years later on his "Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation" release but that's by the by...

"Creeping" has Keith in full on Dr Dooom mode. "Tie you up in the backseat of the car and set your motor on fire / Nonchalant talkin to police officers, I'm calm standin right by ya / Lovin the siren sounds, volume higher / With custom work boots, puffin durable / To walk on top of the back of your neck, you know they work duke / When I get to chewin them bones they make you puke/" The brash clashing snares and kicks make the whole experience more coarse and grimy. Great stuff.

"I Followed You" is Keith excellence. The beat by Kutmasta is a nice bouncing type of energetic groove. Keith is focused, zoned in and rocks the concept excellently.

The one non Kutmasta track by Tom C3 "God Of Rap" is dope. Dramatic strings and more, a demonstration of how structured this project sounds compared to some of the many (many) albums he's done since the last Dooom project.

"That Girl Is A Monster" has some luscious sandy drums and crashing cymbals throughout. The perfect back drop for Keith's attacks on yet another poor woman.

"Mopped Up" superb work from Kutmasta Kurt on the production as always. An atmospheric horror inspired beat that again fits the overall mood of the track, perfectly. Keith rhymes "I'm Dr. Dooom on the moonlight Cut your fuckin head in Night Flight, the cravin for the crocodile / Snap at the legs on your bike I'm under the dim lights, standin like Norman Bates / Recordin the facts on normal tapes / Cut off pieces of your feet one by one now you got the blood on your Bapes / I see you step in the ambulance with the shakes"

"Always Talking Out You Ass" has your classic Keith on the hook and with a final track with the excellent motion man, this rounds the album off perfectly.

The elephant in the room to address is the fact that what some have dubbed Keith's "spoken word" style is prevalent throughout the album. It's a style he prefers, he varies between two versions of delivery, as easily as he does aliases across all of his projects. It's here for most of these tracks, and seems to be Keith's preferred style going forward.

This is Keith's best project in years. He keeps in the character of Dr Dooom throughout. Kutmasta Kurts beats were tailored for him and everything sticks together nicely. A well crafted and cohesive album from the master, you need to check out.

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