Kool Keith - Mr Nogatco


It's only when listening to the complete Kool Keith discography again, from start to finish in one week long session for this website, that you appreciate why Keith keeps going back to Dr Octagon. The sex rhymes limit his creativity. With these space faring psycho doctor / surgeon type aliases, it's almost as if he feels he can push himself forward as an MC.

My Nogatco (Octagon backwards) is Keith once again flirting with the alter ego he can never quite free himself from. Yes it's a different creation, perhaps slightly (slightly) more grounded than Dr Octagon but still, both creations share similarities.

"Dark Space" is a heavy gloomy and gorgeous beat. Keith in Nogatco mode, drops some of his most intricate rhymes in several projects. Transporting yourself into another fully fleshed Keith alias is always a journey. And this, the first noticeable track on the album doesn't disappoint.

"Alpha Omega" fascinates for it's closer look at a young Kool Keith "My mom would go to school, P.T.A. meeting / Teachers quote "He's strange / He's very spacey, he's a wizard kid, incredible / With a Captain Kirk and Spock shirt on He's out of range"

"Big Adventure" produced by Carl Kavorkian is an album stand out. The thumping rock backdrop and genuinely well crafted gloomy rhymes from Keith, sit really well together. "Different" with its atmospheric beat and Keith's wordplay is a treat to listen to.

"Capture (Back To me)" Is a track with a very atmospheric set of bubbly electro squelches. A nice easy drum pattern. Another track where the uninitiated could easily mistake not only the content of the rhyming, but the tempo and flow of Keith's as straight up Octagon. There's even some Q-Bert style scratching on the whole thing to make it even more octagon-ey

"Nogatco Rd" is an ominous tune. Kool Keith in full "Octagon" mode here. The beat fills the listener with dread and Keith's execution on the mic is top class.

The album has a sombre understated tone for a lot the play through. Keith's delivery and voice also interestingly slightly hoarse, which adds to the overall feel. The production is for the most part full and creative, with some real nice beat selection throughout.

It's an extremely solid project - Keith loses himself a little in the rhymes at times, or rather, you will lose him. If you can keep up, this is a cold trip once again through the mind of Kool Keith. Go for it!

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