Kool Keith - The Lost Masters Volume 2


More weird and wonderful music from the seemingly endless archives of Keith. We delve into 2005's pile of left over tracks, freestyles and experimental music from Keith. Let's have a look.

"Can't Fuck With This" is grainy abrasive rap. The beat isn't pleasant but the almost dysfunctional nature of everything on this one is quite fun.

"I hate suburban guys who think they're urban / coffee and doughnuts the only things they're serving" Keith spits on "The Voodoo" over yet more spotty production that just about holds up, thanks to Keith's charismatic and engaging verses.

Tracks like "Feel About You" are just unacceptable production wise for a full project. So the fact this was shoved on a "Lost Masters" collection I can just about accept. It's as basic as a beat can get. Regardless of whether Keith's verse is entertaining or not (it is) this is a hard listen to get through, due the beat (or lack thereof) alone.

"Kiss My Ass" with its entertaining chorus and slightly improved beat over the efforts before it, could have been a highlight if there was more mustard on the sound. The beats seem to have been created just for something, anything for Keith to lay the thousands of raps he has in his head over

Again, these are lost masters, so that does need to be taken into account. It's fair to assume these tracks were considered not good enough to go elsewhere. In all fairness, you can hear that was the case for a lot of them. Kool Keith is an extremely charismatic rapper so even hearing him go off, over basic sounds is still usually entertaining remember!

I see these as excerpts of what happens between Keith's more serious official full albums. A peek into those studio sessions. For Kool Keith nerds they are fascinating. For the wider hip-hop listener, probably a little too weird and basic. "Everybody against the wall, before I p*ss on your buttcrack" indeed!

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