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KHM later to be known as "The Clayborne Family" released their debut effort "Game" November 19th 2002. Kool Keith, H-Bomb (aka Jacky Jasper) and Marc Live make up the posse. i have to keep it all the way funky with you, this project isn't great. Sometimes something just doesn't work, as is the case here.

"Nice Things" isn't really nice at all. The music sounds budget and uncreative, which is a shame. Considering the ghoulish fun these three emcees could have over right production.

The initial tracks don't hit too tough, but "Game" is a muddy abrasive beat that is effective. The crew drop some typically unfriendly rhymes over it, the album's first attention grabbing moment. "U Jerk Chicken" is a little more forgiving on the ears. Keith clinging to the beat as he drops a nice verse. This track in all honesty isn't too bad.

But sadly by "Run Dem Red" the production for me personally starts to grate heavily. Sometimes simple loops and patterns can be effective and truly set the tone of an album (see Matthew). However five tracks in on this KHM project, production just feels sub par, especially for a Keith project.

"Copy" is one of the album's brighter moments. Keith firing off at those who he feels have taken his style. The plodding beat accompanied with plenty of strange sounds and effects, works. "I gave birth to you / Yeah for you to be different ask anybody down South / How you talk with white stuff around your mouth / The nerve of you, with no tight rhymes, I must serve to you / Uncle Tom Buckwheat boy, youse a local town toy / And your man just started rappin yesterday / Y'all didn't even take the test today"

"Rock Is Dead" is an interesting concept for a track. It feels any kind of message is ultimately lost in the basic dry production. "Black man in a white world! Rock Music Is Dead!" Keith croons on this track. A song I always felt could have really explored some interesting themes with a little more direction.

"Space" is the first we get close to some good solid Kool Keith music. The drums could even fool you into thinking Kutmasta Kurt is on the boards. Keith's verse tackling race was a rare glimpse into his true thoughts on this subject at the time. An interesting listen.

Some Keith collaboration efforts truly blend to make superb Hip-Hop music like Pimp To Eat an absolutely brilliant album. Personally for me KHM - Game, sadly just doesn't hit. As much as I was really hoping it would.

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