Clayborne Family


Kool Keith, Jacky Jasper (aka H-Bomb) and Marc Live return for a follow up of sorts to their KHM Game album from 2002. Off the bat the beats start off more meaty than their previous project. The additional seasoning I requested after their flat KHM project, seemed like it had been served up...

However, t's all standard fare until five tracks in. "New York City" has a nice smooth sound. "Checkin The Doe" also has a light elevated bass to it, with a devilish verse from Jacky Jasper. "No mercy, have no mercy, I'm the worst B / Certainly, the meek thirsty / The fortunate meet, two brothers, that's family / See you come know where you goin / Cash I'm blowin cover your face hate showin / Who I pimp and trick cash out of not your concern / Who got clapped your paper I earn"

"Stick Em Up" and "Checkin The Doe" are two songs on the album around which, the production takes a dip and starts to wane. However the beats do have a consistent sound throughout the album. Light drums and tapping snare with basic repeating looping effects. Suggesting they simply just may not be to my taste. Many will probably love these easy, in the club type of beats.

As I said previously I can rock with this production sound if the various fx, and pre programmed sounds in the drum machines used work. Like Matthew, but the mix rarely works for me whenever these guys come together on the boards.

"Gaza Strip" is a more positive note on the album. "Clayborne BBQ" has enough messy madness to be one of the brighter moments too. However I'm glad the group ended, in a manner, after this project. The nagging issue of inconsistent production continual through both KHM and Clayborne Family projects.

Someone call should have called  Kutmasta...

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