The Cenobites LP


When a Keith project fails to illicit any real emotion either way, to some artists that would be a win, for a Keith project I'm not so sure. This album was created initially as an EP, and ended up thanks to some additional tracks added, as a full length project.

Released between Ultramagnetic projects back in the day. It was inoffensive, a nice cool easy sounding album with some nice production and rapping from Godfather the Don, making up, The Cenobites.

"Lex Luger" hears Keith rhyming over a jazzy easy type of production with Godfather. He seems a little restricted on this, although even a Keith who is attempting to wedge himself into a more "normal" constraint for a Collab, still can't fully disguise his true nature.

"Kick a dope verse" Keith opens up a little more lyrically, with lines like "I like ice cream kids, I like Carvelle / I read comics and books, yeah Marvel You want to step MC's, I'm in the basement Hold up mirrors to hell, where your face went? / I walk quiet at night, through the projects Maybe one night look through your peephole, peekaboo!" Over a cool horn and some soft drums.

"You're late" is one of the LP's highlights, the beat lively and the organ loud and blaring. "How The Fuck You Get a deal" bangs, as do most of the tracks here. There's nothing particularly trendsetting or off centre, which we kind of expect and want as Keith fans.

Most found this a perfectly acceptable Album to listen to, those new to this will see a standard rap album for the times. With some interesting moments from Keith when he occasionally rocks the boat a little. I'm not the biggest fan of heavy jazzy production, so perhaps take my review with a pinch of salt for this album.

I'm used to being slapped in the head in some way by Kool Keith music, like the absolutely incredible "Pimp To Eat" collaborative project, but this just seems to sit quietly in my collection...which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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