Kool Keith - The Personal Album


This personal album is really a fascinating project. A rapper of Kool Keith's calibre, making a super limited album for fans. 1000 of these were apparently sold directly from Keith. Signed and no more were ever made. So how does it hold up?

"Girl Wanna Kill Herself" is a grandiose sounding opener to the album. The rich sounding R&B sample and music looped, is a welcome relief from the random tapping on a drum machine flex, we have heard on some of the last few years previous works. Keith attempting to show his sympathetic side toward a girl who is the victim of domestic abuse. But the hook leaves the listener in a state of confusion, almost as if he's mocking the entire concept of the song. Such is the mystery that is Kool Keith's mind

"Personal Photographer" is clearly the album's best song. The sample of a soft gentle singing in a tongue I don't understand French? Just works with Keith's creepy exploits of picture snapping. A really good track.

"Black Kid Who Thinks He's White" is about exactly that, another interesting topic explored in the manner only Keith can, with a hilarious hook. Pure comedy "Looking in the mirror, you don't know you / No soul wit'chu, avoiding your uncles and aunts / Stiff on the dancefloor, you're buying straight leg pants more / You connive to settle the score / Everyday is drizzle for you, rain and fog I fizzle for you /You think woman adore you, many don't hear you"

The above track highlights again how Keith shines over the right production. Someone, be it Keith or outside assistance, is taking samples from all over the place, mostly R&B and soul. And it's brilliant.

For fans of Keith's singing and wild hooks, of which I am one, this album is a dream. The production is the best since his last four or so projects before this. The only real let down is the lack of variance in the subject matter. There's only so many tracks about random girls you can entertain with. Even Kool Keith.

As far as an album to listen to, this is some of Keith's most entertaining stuff in a while. Yes, a little more commercial perhaps, even with those absolutely insane choruses and high pitched singing. The beats are smooth and whoever is behind them, has cooked up a surprisingly high quality consistent album.

To some four "Kool Keith" Mic's for this album may seem a little excessive, but there's too much Keith brilliance on display to give it anything less.

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