Kool Keith - The Comi$$ioner


The Commi$ioner. This project sounds, just as awkward as its name reads. Keith having another one of his, "put anything out there" moments. Anything, regardless of the quality. This still sometimes produces a kind of art in itself, in this case? Well...

Apparently less than a thousand of these were pressed up and given out. Another Kool Keith street album. The quality of these projects, on the production side can be extremely spotty. Hit and miss. I think production wise, this could be his worst album.

Three tracks into this album, that very same hit and miss production is present. Extremely desert dry and basic beats, "The Promoters" and "NBA Superstar" are actually interesting concept tracks and deserve better beats than this.

Track three "Acting Hard" doesn't inspire much confidence for the rest of the album at all. Then a real production low point "Get Your Groove On" is so limited musically it's almost upsetting.

"Giant Stadium" see's an elevated vocal performance from Keith that's a fun listen. Even the Casio keyboard programmed beat is a little more acceptable on this one. "Carbo-hybo -spaghetti will make you niggas mo' stronger / Too much milk and powder will f**k up your muscles / I warned you, you can't play forward / And backaway with that bullshit, off the rim shot / Just got off waivers, I'll make your team hot / Coach you up and coming, give y'all the championship you don't got"

"Fly Ass N***er" sounds like a one handed sequence played on a drum machine. It's barely a beat, perhaps the very beginning of one, that never got finished. Keith's lyrics are actually pretty funny for the most part on here, even if it's far from his best verse.

Two of the final three tracks have Keith rapping with a digitally altered lower pitched voice for some reason. Just a weird tragic end, to a Kool Keith project that is best forgotten asap.

We all have bad days.

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