Kool Keith - Sex Style


So, it's 1997, it's time for Keith solo album no2! The first Kool Keith project that truly pulled me into the world of Keith. I owned Dr Octagon before, but that was a more challenging listen lyrically for me at the time, this? Quickly became my favourite Kool Keith project at the time, and still may be to this day!

Keith has mentioned in interviews how he wanted to show his many sides and characters. Not be boxed in. Hence this drastic switch up from Dr Octagon. His long standing beat maker Kutmasta Kurt has said "Sex Style" Keith, is the true Kool Keith. Who knows! It's all fascinating stuff but lets go back and listen...

"Sex Style" is just the most awesome opener for a Keith album. The Kutmasta Kurt drums crash hard, Keith's flow is near perfection and his weird perverted lyrics are hilarious and lively. A refreshing switch from the gloomy Dr Octogon's musings. "I'm on some S&M shit you can't get with / Pull your panties down on stage and watch you sweat quick / Suckers back to pull they style is tr**sexual / Lesbians dance with the funky heterosexual"

"Don't Crush It" the very next track continues the theme of top quality production, well structured songs, tidy flow and dope rhyming. Very classy track. "Make Up Your Mind" the very next song stuns the senses with high paced T.R. Love bouncy production. It's good fun music.

"Plastic World" and its simple kick; snare and creeping keyboard are basic and pretty much the only three elements of the production, but it works to perfection. On this song Keith rhymes about the fake music industry. And the home run for delivery and emceeing he is on, on this album continues. Another quality track.

If you hadn't guessed, I love this album. "Regular Girl" with it's fast paced energy bangs. The bizzare and hilarious rhymes continue on "Keep It Real Represent" "I heard you quit rap, your wife went back to porno flicks / You turned drag queen, a call girl doin tricks / Nighttime prostitute kid, I'mma take your loot / I heard you ***** now like Boy George, blowin flutes / With high heels, you stole your mom's birth control pills"

Interestingly at the end of that track, something many Keith fans missed it seems, (and i haven't ever seen mentioned online) Keith actually says "Don't buy the basement tapes, shiesty things going down" "nobody play the records" confirmation further of their release not being approved by Keith as rumoured.

So, where does this project sit in the great pantheon of Keith albums? Man, calling the album "Sex Style" and the theme of the entire project being based around sex, pigeon holed this release, as reflected in the poor sales at the time. Ironically Keith's flow is more consistent on this album than a lot of his better projects. It's some of his most clean rapping from a technical standpoint.

The production while not as rich and all encompassing as Dr Octagynacolegyst is equally as dope. Quite simply one of Keith's best projects, just a little restricted by pretty much the same subject matter throughout. Musically though, this project is hard to fault, which for me means, subject matter or not, this is one of Keith's best albums, period.

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