Kool Keith - Execution One


The lore behind this releasegoes a little like this, the album (mixtape really) was released with no track listing, liner notes etc. Leaving the internet to name the songs on here themselves. By the way, I prefer to just go forward with this as Kool Keith intended. "Track 1" is Track 1 and so on.

The Kool Keith "Street Album" projects outside of "The Personal Album" really tend have really dry production. They usually just serve the purpose of being a way for Keith to quickly relieve his urge to rap. Regardless of if the tracks are of an actual release quality. However on there, some of the beats are direct loop rips from other rap songs. Maybe Keith is getting word about the production on a lot of these type of releases.

So as we do for all the reviews at KoolKeith.Net, let's examine the best joints. If we don't mention a particular song, there's usually a reason. It's not good.

"Track 2" is essentially a freestyle off the dome, which Keith actually says during the track. Still entertaining for the most part though. The beat is an almost non factor it's so simple, but this doesn't stop the track being fun for Kool Keith Fans! It almost has an air of being live, present at a Keith recording booth warm up.

"Track 4" sounds like it samples a "Lil John" song of some kind. Lil John can even be heard in the hook! Strange. Not my flavour of beat or music, but interesting for the very fact it's placed here, sample and all. Pure underground mixtape style.

"Track 6" even seems to be a Just Blaze beat! With Keith shouting him out at the start! And also Just Blaze actually saying "Just Blaaaze!" On the beat. I'm familiar with Just Blaze and I don't recognise this beat, is it an original handed over for Keith? Or is this just a beat Keith has randomly taken to drop some bars over? The latter probably.

"Track 7" confirms this is essentially a mixtape. The next track samples a Busta Ryhmes track I actually recognise. With Busta literally captured on the loop. "Track 9" A faster rock type of vibe going on here, with Keith singing on the hook "Still in love, young girls turning old" then proceeding to rap about yet another mystery woman. I'm convinced at this point, so descriptive are these type of songs, that these may actually be inspired by real women he's encountered at various points in his life.

And "Track 10" could quite possibly be the most insane Kool Keith song I've ever heard..You know by now, that's saying something. The concept, the hook. Just listen to it...

The production even if most of it seems to be pinched loops from other rap songs, is better than the Lost Masters stuff that was released around this time. Of the string of "unreleased" projects he threw out around this period of his career, this was among the better ones

While not one to prioritise, it's one to, at some point on your Kool Keith journey, check out.

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