Kool Keith - Diesel Truckers


The powerhouse combination returned. Kutmasta Kurt and Kool Keith were back with their first full length project in a while. Expectations were high! The Diesel Truckers, whom many were introduced to on the back of the Dr Dooom - First Come First Served vinyl. A picture of them both on the back of it, sporting fake beards and wigs...of course. Well it was time to fill up once more and hit the road.

"Diesel Trucks Theme" is just dirty, hard and banging. Fantastic opener for the project. This beat was placed first for a reason. Keith's weaving wordplay and raps on full show. Kutmasta Kurt in interviews has spoken of these two meeting up in truckers bars, both pulling up in their enormous rigs early on in their relationship. This song seems like a homage to those times. There's even a Truck Horn on the chorus! One of Kutmasta Kurt's best beats, incredible stuff.

"Break You Off" has Keith rapping about the object of his desires. Not talk about watching women pee etc, just a nice easy bouncy track made for a single at the time no doubt. "Diesel Truckin" has a heavy set sound that accompanies Keith's rhymes perfect. Detailing his exploits of driving these big ass trucks. "4008 Peterbilt, orange and gray long-nose, haulin apples grade A / Swap trailers on payday /Your meat get delivered on tough beats /While y'all supposed to be movin on tough streets" my man said hauling apples lol

"Can I Buy You A Drink" and "I Drop Money" and "Mane" are songs that perhaps could have been sidelined for the "Diesel Truckers Archives" slightly less inspired than the other songs, and drag the middle of the album slightly. "Serve Em A Sentence" brings motion man on board as both trade verses as only they can. The album does tail off a little towards the end into a little bit of production confusion but overall holds it's own.

The album is great, the beats are low down and dirty, and Kutmasta's drums and samples (as they always are) are things of beauty, one of the better Keith projects up to that point in his career. Maybe a little more direction toward the second half of the album may have served this release better. But it's still Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt man, you should know what you are in for by now.

These two are among the best combinations in rap, and the sound is always unique. They always produce something well sculptured for their fans.

A fun release, and was a very welcome return.

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