Apocalypso - Siamese Sex Show


The official website for this group Keith appears to be heavily involved in, has long since perished. Scouring the net to find information on this release, seems to net the results of a few strange sentences from Keith on the project, and various online writers musings.

Keith says according to top40charts.com that "The sound had no boundaries and I have no boundaries. I have no tag on my back but certain fans are stuck in a certain time like things that I've done with Octagon but people need to cross their minds over and acknowledge that this is an amazing project." The King has spoken!

So is this actually any good? Keith is only on five of the twelve songs here. It's one of the very few Keith projects that I missed at the time of original release...never even knew it existed to be perfectly honest with you! So lets have a look.

"Playboy" is essentially a pop song, not particularly strong in any area but may appeal to some who vibe with this type of sound. Unsure how comfortable he really is over this type of beat.

"Time To Rock The Party" doesn't feature Keith but is a fun pop track. The rapper featured drops an inoffensive verse, it's all cool. It's fine - it's just fairly twee pop.

"When We Ride" however is not only a genuinely good song. Keith's verse on it displays his much missed flow from his earlier projects. Where he's locked in on the beat. As opposed to the almost spoken word flow, he really enjoys employing for large portions of his work. The chorus is great, soft guitars and enjoyable. A good song!

We are KoolKeith.Net not album reviews.net. so the fact Keith Only features on five songs mean anything non Keith, unless it's particularly stand out, we leave. "Love Light" is a piano fuelled simple pop by numbers type of affair. Keith's off beat rhyming doesn't really sit too well on this one.

"Rodeo Drive" Keith is back on flow - but again. It's just not a genre of music that's made for me. That of course doesn't necessarily make it "bad", just not to my tastes.

If you want a break from hearing Keith over Hip-Hop beats? Then sure, give this one some time. The music isn't actually bad. Although I would point you toward "The Return Of Doctor Octagon" first.

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