Analog Brothers - Pimp To Eat


From the very first beat loop, the incoming excellence of this project is teased, and it's just the intro! The speaker ripping bass line and futuristic sound effects of "The Analogue Brothers Intro" will break your neck. 

Keith kills it, of course "Keith Korg, mad vocalist, spittin from the key like San Antonio Spurs / George Gervin girls start to wet me, how I'm servin / Through this comic book skit, pissed on / I'm not Jerry Lewis green man, Calvin Murphy, point guard / With shooting range like Kelly Tripucka / My testicles connected to a bazooka / Dangerous criteria, we mess up your whole rectal interior"

Enter, the Analog Brothers! Keith 'Keith Korg' Thornton (Kool Keith) on bass, strings and vocals. Tracy 'Ice Oscillator' Marrow (Ice-T) on keyboards, drums and vocals. Rex Colonel 'Rex Roland JX3P' Doby Jr. (Pimpin' Rex) on keyboards, vocals and production. Marc 'Mark Moog' Giveand (Raw Breed's Marc Live) on drums, violins and vocals & Christopher 'Silver Synth' Rodgers (Black Silver) on synthesizer, lazer bell and vocals.

"Analog Tekniks" welcomes you after the intro in the same vein as the opening salvo, with hard drums and squelchy bleeps and bloops. Each member dropping equally as intricate and dense rhymes, even if Ice-T and Kool Keith stick their head above the parapet a little more. "2005" Another neck snapper with top rapping from the crew but "So Bad" is a production highlight the rolling bass and floating keyboard and soft ethereal tones are pure marshmallowy bliss.

"Analogue Annihilator" clearly the production highlight of the album just smacks you. The beat is incredible appropriately dusty drums and a sneering sample that cuts the ear like a precise scalpel. Ice T having a standout verse "As I, jump in the next level / Warp double-oh-6 slash crucifix inverted, you heard it / Ten thousand MC's murdered, not enough, all my films are snuff / Sound scans directly connected to our database / Interlates with microwave deep tissue scans, oscillation / Inconsiderate, no love for the illiterate, non analog bullshit / Delete, edit, disc discs heads crash, dragged to trash"

The busy excellence of "Who Wanna Be Down"'s musical landscape is just another example of how the groups combined production effort, was clearly the right direction to go beat maker wise. The beat squeals as the drums assault and Ice T stands out with his manic verse of offensive vulgarity. Another high point on an album full of them, and Keith doesn't even feature on this track!

The slow honey dipped sound of "Country Girl" is lavish and top class. Same for the thick chocolatey noise of "Shut Down Show" a few tracks on.

The only issue, as a Keith fan, is that there isn't more of Keith on these beats. He really is a guest on a project of guests as opposed to being a front man vocally.

The second half of the album doesn't feature much if any Kool Keith. So it probably loses half a mic for that alone, but it can't be denied as an album in itself "Pimp To Eat" is incredible. More Keith and Ice-T on this would have made this close to a classic, it truly is a sweet slice of Hip-Hop from the 2000's. I miss it.

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